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Mobile Support : iOS, Android

VideoWhisper web based applications require latest Flash plugin version to run in browser.
iOS and latest Android based mobile devices don't support Flash in default browser.

  • Broadcasting of live video streams is possible with iOS and Android applications (generic encoders or custom app with advanced interactions).
  • Playback of live video streams is possible in iOS Safari browser with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and Android Chrome with MPEG DASH. Requires specific format/transcoding.
  • Playback of videos is possible in most mobile browsers after HTML5 video conversion.
  • Recording videos on mobiles is possible with the builtin camera recorder and a video uploader with mobile support.
Android Support for Web Apps

For Android devices, Adobe Flash support as been cut in Android Jelly Bean and beyond but there are some solutions for power users to bring it back, if necessary.

For regular users we recommend building Android apps that can be easily installed and used on most devices.

iOS / Android Applications

Generic Mobile Apps

Generic RTMP mobile encoders like Wowza GoCoder for iOS / Android can be used to publish plain stream (no chat or interactions).
Requires user to copy and paste rtmp address, channel name and other settings. GoCoder is available for Wowza Streaming Engine hosting.
As 3rd party encoders don't interact with website (only stream to RTMP), for channels to show as live on site, special functionality needs to be implemented: RTMP Session Control (included on our Wowza based plans and servers).

Custom Mobile Apps

Our developers can build custom simplified iOS or Android apps that fit mobile screens and capabilities, including chat and other interactions. Can automatically retrieve parameters based on login (using site credentials).

  • Demo/sample:
  • Applications need to be developed and published for each site, and integrate with web based part depending on exact project requirements.
  • Custom applications price range starts from $1500/application. Contact with exact requirements for evaluation.
  • Publishing applications in App Store requires Apple iOS Developer Program membership ($99/year) by site/project owner.
    • To test application during/after development, UDID for iOS testing device will be required.
    • Applications can be published by our developers and transferred to new owner or provided to be published directly by owner.
    • When publishing by owner, a Production Certificate and Distribution Provisioning Profile will be required to generate the app zip required on iTunes Connect.
    • These details are required for transfer: Apple ID and Team ID.
  • Android apps can also be built and transferred.
    • This also requires an account by site/project owner. There is a one time $25 registration fee charged for a Google Play Developer Console account.
    • You must be located in a supported country to distribute apps on Google Play.
    • These details are required for transfer: Developer name on your target account, Target account email address, Transaction ID for target account registration (available on your Google account at payments.google.com).
  • For in app purchases, the app stores require incorporation and financial documents. Such features can be implemented for additional fees that start from $500/app depending on exact requirements.
  • Mobile apps integration with site requires RTMP Session Control , as apps don't have web session calls, to reduce mobile requests and increase reliability on mobile connections.
  • Source code for mobile apps, if required, is available from $2000/app in addition to development costs. The source code is based on our frameworks (to allow interaction with our web based apps) and mainly AS3. Changed apps build by 3rd party developers based on this code need to be published as new apps (that can replace previous apps) with the new author certificates.
HTTP Live Streaming Playback

HTTP Live Streaming (or HLS) is an adaptive streaming communications protocol created by Apple to communicate with iOS and Apple TV devices and desktops.
HLS can distribute both live and on-demand files and is the sole technology available for adaptively streaming to Apple devices, which is an increasingly important target segment to streaming publishers.

  • Supported Clients / Target Devices
    • All iPhone/iPad devices running iOS 3.0 and later support HLS.
      In the Apple App Store, HLS is a compulsory requirement: an app that delivers video longer then ten minutes or greater than 5MB of data, must use HTTP Live Streaming, and provide at least one stream at 64Kbps or lower bandwidth.
    • For desktop, Safari 6.0 and higher supports HLS on all devices.
      No other web browser has native support for HLS.
      Adobe also added full support for HLS its flash player to ensure customers have a more efficient way to distribute video to more devices, using one video format.
    • Safari supports HLS both on iOS devices and desktop computers.
    • HLS has limited support on devices running the Android operating system. Device support is not the same from one version or one device to the next. Android devices before 4.x (Gingerbread or Honeycomb), do not support HLS. Android tried to support HLS with Android 3.0, but excessive buffering often caused streams to crash. Devices running Android 4.x and above will support HLS, but there are still inconsistencies and problems.
    • Most current OTT (Over The Top) devices support HLS. OTT devices prefer transmitting data over HTTP, which makes the two technologies a great fit as HLS is also delivered via HTTP. Some of the top OTT devices with support for HLS are as follows: Apple TV, Roku 3, D-Link MovieNite Plus, Boxee Cloud DVR.
  • Server Requirements
  • Supported Codecs and Transcoding
    • Requirements: To play on iOS, streams need to be published (usually with external encoders) with certain codecs and profiles supported by iOS devices.
    • Limitations: Web based Flash plugin and mobiles apps built with Air do not publish in a format accessible on iOS, because this Adobe technology does not support AAC codec encoding and often video bitrate/profile are too high for mobiles. These RTMP streams can be played with similar apps (built with same technology). Publishing from a Flash / Air based client to HLS (iOS or Android browser) requires transcoding of stream (live re-encoding) by relay server before delivering as HLS. Another option is to publish using a desktop encoder (ex. Open Broadcaster Software) that can encode with necessary codecs.
    • Live transcoding on rtmp server is possible but requires more advanced rtmp hosting software and usually a dedicated server for such processing due to high processing required for re-encoding streams.
      Wowza Transcoder Addon, in example, involved additional licensing fees per stream ($20/stream/month) but that was recently included in a higher priced license model.
      We can only provide this type of transcoding setup on dedicated servers where client contracts own Wowza license and can use all resources.
    • Transcoding of live streams for iOS HLS is also available with FFMPEG and Wowza and ready to use on our higher Wowza plans, without additional fees. It's already implemented for some Live Streaming (the web based application interface) editions including plain PHP, WordPress, Joomla and can be implemented for other applications and editions (for custom fees depending on exact requirements). FFMPEG is called by client scripts and uses account resources/limitations so this can also be used on shared hosts.
      Turnkey solutions like BroadcastLiveVideo.com and PaidVideoChat.com include support for automated transcoding (setting).
HTML5 Video Playback
  • Video recordings (not live streams) can be transcoded after record/archiving with tools like ffmpeg to HTML5 video formats accessible by most mobiles. This is already implemented for some Video Recorder editions.
  • All live streams can be archived and then converted and distributed later to mobiles in HTML5 video formats playable on most mobiles. Archiving is also available for our applications (we provide a special turnkey archiving rtmp address for all our Wowza plans).

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