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What You Get with a License
A license is for a domain (or subdomain). Only 1 license is required per domain and includes:

  • Full Mode
    No trial ads or limitations: Unlimited simultaneous connections, users, rooms, session time.
  • All Integrations
    All available listed integrations can be used. Ex: PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Oxwall...
  • 1 Free Installation
    Installation, assistance can be provided on request if all hosting requirements are met.
  • Support and Testing
    Our staff can test your setup and provide assistance, suggestions, clarifications by tickets.
  • Unlimited Copies
    Unlimited install copies (in different folders) will run in full mode on licensed domain.
  • All Level Applications
    All applications of that level can be used in full mode on licensed domain. Ex: Order Live Streaming and also use Video Conference, Video Recorder.
  • All Lower Level Apps
    All applications of lower levels can also be used in full mode on licensed domain.
  • Unlimited Upgrades
    Upgrades can be downloaded anytime from our site for all software editions.

Get a license to remove intrusive ads and limitations. License can be purchased for project (domain) lifetime OR rented.

License Price / Duration Order Link Software Details
( level1 & level2 licenses are included, see license levels )
Level 3
  Any level 3 license (generic or product, purchased or rented) applies for all current applications.
Order Video Messenger
(Plain PHP / PPV Live Webcams for WP/ Live Support / Joomla Video Support)
  License Purchase $450/lifetime Buy Live Video Messenger Live Video Messenger
Video Messenger
License Rental - Monthly $45/month Buy Live Video Messenger
License Upgrade - from Level 2 License $100/lifetime Buy Live Video Messenger
License Upgrade - from Level 1 License $200/lifetime Buy Live Video Messenger
License Rental - Monthly + StreamDeveloper Hosting $95/month Buy Live Video Messenger
License Rental - Monthly + StreamStartup Hosting Save 15$/month! $130/month Buy Live Video Messenger
License Rental - Monthly + StreamBusiness Hosting Save 20$/mo! $175/month Buy Live Video Messenger
License Rental - Monthly + StreamCorporate Hosting Save 25$/mo! $220/month Buy Live Video Messenger
( level1 licenses are included, see license levels )
Level 2
  Any level 2 license applies to Video Consultation, 2 Way Video Chat and level 1 applications: Video Conference, Live Streaming, Video Recorder.
2 Way Video Chat is included!
Order Video Consultation
(Plain PHP / WordPress Video Presentation / Drupal / Joomla & JomSocial / WordPress / Elgg / Moodle)
  License Purchase $350/lifetime Buy Video Consultation Software for Online e Learning and Seminars Online Video Consultation
Video Consultation
License Rental - Monthly $35/month Buy Video Consultation Software for Online e Learning and Seminars
License Rental + Stream Startup Hosting Save 15$/mo! Recommended $120/month Buy Video Consultation Software for Online e Learning and Seminars
Video Consultation is included!
Order 2 Way Video Chat
(Plain PHP / WordPress Videochat / Drupal / Joomla & JomSocial / Drupal / Elgg / Chat Roulette*)
  License Purchase $350/lifetime Buy 2 Way Video Chat Software 2 Way Video Chat Script
2 Way Video Chat
License Rental - Monthly $35/month Buy 2 Way Video Chat Software
License Upgrade from Level 1 License $100/lifetime Buy 2 Way Video Chat Software
License Rental + Stream Startup Hosting Save 15$/mo! Recommended $120/month Buy Video Consultation Software for Online e Learning and Seminars
( order 1 product and get multiple, see license levels )
Level 1
  Any level 1 license applies to Video Conference, Live Streaming, Video Recorder.
Order Video Conference
(Plain PHP / Drupal / Joomla & JomSocial / WordPress / Elgg / AVS / ClipShare / Dolphin)
  License Purchase $250/lifetime Video Conference Software
Video Conference
License Rental - Monthly $25/month Monthly Rental and 15Gb/month FMS Hosting
License Rental + Premium 3 Hosting Save 10$/mo! $90/month Order Video Conference Software and Hosting
Order Live Streaming
(Plain PHP / Drupal / Joomla / Beatz / WordPress & BuddyPress / Elgg / AVS / ClipShare / Dolphin)
  License Purchase $250/lifetime Live Streaming Software
Live Streaming
License Rental - Monthly $25/month Rent Live Streaming License
Order Video Recorder
(Plain PHP / WordPress Video Posts & Comments / AVS / ClipShare / Dolphin)
  License Purchase $250/lifetime
Video Recorder
License Rental - Monthly $25/month Rent Video Recorder License
License Rental + Stream Startup Hosting Save 15$/mo! Recommended

Want to purchase in EUR, rent yearly/quarterly or use a different billing site? Contact us for a custom quote/order link, after checking all available options:

More Investment Options

Licensing Terms
  • * Some special editions may have different licensing, delivery, service terms. See edition's page for details.
  • Each license is for a domain and all domain levels must be specified. Wildcard subdomains are not allowed. There is a short list of included sub domains: www, www2, members, dev, beta . An entire level of subdomains can be included for an additional subdomains license. Subject to our approval, license domain can be changed/corrected once for free, within the first year after purchase. For rented licenses this can be done once per billing period.
  • Software is licensed for usage under certain terms, not sold. There is an End User License Agreement for the software distributed from this site.
  • All investment plans are software unlimited (can serve as many users as your hosting plan can handle) for 1 domain. The software can be installed multiple times (on different folders) on that domain. If you don't have a domain, you can register domains at discount prices from here.
  • A license for a domain includes all available integration types (i.e. stand alone php/joomla/wordpress), for all same level or lower level products. See license levels. Integration means scripts to use in combination with other scripts, not full package including the other scripts.
  • Only integration source code is provided for standard licensing models: this means php scrips, graphics as png/jpg files, sounds as mp3, the configurable text based RTMP application files depending on RTMP server type. Flash application is only provided as SWF. Source FLA and AS files are not provided.
  • We can also provide white labelling, customized editions, unlimited license products or full source code for development.
  • The included 1 free installation / on site setup assistance must be requested within the first year after license purchase. Regular installation fee applies later.
  • Latest versions, upgrades can be downloaded anytime from our site. To apply this to a site an installation service is required.
Limited Source
  • All our licenses and products include full source code for the php scripts.
  • All graphics, skins, icons, sounds are loaded from external files that can be edited without altering applications.
  • Integration with 3rd party scripts can be done from existing scripts and parameters without altering application.
  • ActionScript 3 source code for flash clients is NOT included. As we use custom developed components and objects there's almost nothing visible to edit in the .fla file. Most of client flash source code is made of .as ActionScript 3. Without expert as3 knowledge, source code allows few tweaks: we can provide customisation as required for additional fees. We reserve source rights for components, classes and future derivative projects.
  • RTMP side applications are provided as Java libraries (not source) and configurable text based application files depending on RTMP server type.
  • Custom updates of core applications and custom editions can be contracted for additional fees, based on exact requirements, after mutual agreement.
NOT Included
  • License does NOT include license for other commercial scripts (ie. JomSocial, ClipShare, AVS, VideoGirls) unless explicitly labeled. Integration for a commercial script or software does not include that script or software.
  • Licenses do NOT include hosting unless explicitly labeled in product name. Compatible hosting is required to install software. For more details see requirements.
  • We provide Premium Hosting with Red5 / PremiumPlus Wowza Media Server Hosting that includes dedicated ip, unlimited user connections as server can handle, big bandwidth and space.This hosting meets all requirements for running an active complete site with our software (both web + rtmp hosting).
  • A license does not include extra installations, upgrades, on site troubleshooting or assistance, in addition to the 1 service included per license, that must be requested within the first year after purchase.
  • After receiving domain to license, license is usually enabled in a couple of days or less depending on various factors like order time, staff time zone and availability, non-working days (weekends, celebrations).
  • You do not have to download anything extra if you are already using the free versions - just send us your domain (including sub domain if any; www is included) and we'll enable full license for it, removing all free version limitations.
  • Subscriptions (plans labeled as monthly, quarterly or other limited duration) are billed automatically until canceled. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime from the billing site where order was placed. If you wish to terminate a subscription, make sure you cancel it before billing date. After subscription cancellation service is terminated and can be reactivated anytime by ordering again.
  • Our billing partners manage all payments and invoices: Plimus is located in United States (San Jose, CA), ShareIt is part of Digital River located in European Union (Germany), Avangate is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Check order links for more details about taxing/vat that applies.
  • For alternate payment modes, tax, invoicing modes you should check our payment processors details; also check our volume discounts and affiliate programs .
  • Discounts are available from advertising budget, sometimes as seasonal offers (follow our social accounts) and for webmasters that spread the word about our solutions.
  • We reserve the right to suspend any license during or after billing issues, reversals, disputes, cases opened with out billing partners without our prior agreement. If due payments can't be completed or get suspended/reversed for any reasons, services can usually be reactivated/continued simply by reordering the items, to maintain a positive balance.
White Label, Custom Applications and Multi domain/Unlimited Licenses

For requirements beyond standard products and license models VideoWhisper provides custom products and license types:

Regular distribution from our site is for licensing the software to use under certain conditions as described. Custom distributions are also available for higher prices including independent licensing (~4x), unlimited licensing (~10x), software with full source (~40x) for enterprise development.

Order Custom License and SetupAll Subdomains License

You can license a whole level of subdomains ( wildcard subdomains like * or * ) by ordering an additional license. To use products on a domain and all its next level subdomains you need to order 2 licenses. Restrictions apply: You need to own the domain and it must be a regular domain not something generic like .

If you just want to use it on one subdomain ( or ) or main domain with or without www ( & ) one regular license is enough: just specify the domain including subdomain you want to use. All licenses include a www subdomain.

Order Custom License and Setup White Labeling (per License/per Application)

Most commercial products in the world are branded (cars, electronics, soft drinks, computer operating systems, software) with references to the production company.

Development costs for this type of software are very high (it requires advanced programming of very new technologies in multiple programming languages). To keep standard licensing fees low all standard versions come with a startup screen (shown just during load time) and a non-intrusive link in flash right click menu. We consider this as license owner's contribution to spreading the word about this software and a good reason to provide the standard license at an affordable price.

White labeling means removing some or all elements that could lead users to our products and websites. White labeling refers to branding elements in the flash applications only (as scripts are open source and can be edited as needed without restriction). There are 2 white labeling operations available to be ordered in addition to regular licenses:

  1. Removal of startup screen messages. Licenses are checked on our servers but no messages about product name or developer will be displayed on startup screen as long as license is active. Can be provided for $200/license/product.
    Monthly Rental and 15Gb/month FMS Hosting

  2. Changing Right Click > "Developed by VideoWhisper" link to "Powered by YourSite'sName" with link to your site. Can be provided for $300/license/product.
    Monthly Rental and 15Gb/month FMS Hosting

Buy both white labeling options (for $500/license/product):
Buy from Plimus | Buy from Avangate

Rent both white labeling options for ($50/license/product/month):
Rent from Plimus | Rent from ShareIt

White labeling requires and upgrades regular licenses. White labeling must be ordered in addition to regular licensing.
White labeling per license and per product means that for each license and product combination a white labeling license is required. Examples for full mode license + white labeling:
- For using 1 product (including all editions) on a site, in full mode and white labeled, 1 license and 1 white label must be ordered.
- For using 3 products (including all editions) on a site and all sub domains 2 licenses will be required and 6 white labelings.

SSL License for HTTPSSSL License for HTTPS

If your site uses HTTPS, browser will warn users that content is loaded from regular HTTP addresses (when confirming license). Sites secured with SSL display a padlock in the browsers URL when all content is loaded from HTTPS. Applications can be customised to also use HTTPS urls from SSL certified servers, for an additional fee of $150/application.

Demo: 2 Way Video Chat on HTTPS. For more details Contact Technical Support.

Order Custom License and Setup Custom Integration (per Application)

These applications can be integrated with most of php scripts available online for running sites, in addition to the free integration editions available on our site.

Suggestion: We recommend contacting site software developers or developer community first if possible, as programmers familiar to the scripts may charge less and provide more advanced integrations.

Our staff can take care of integration development, as additional service.

This additional service is only available for existing customers (that already own licenses for the applications they want to integrate) because consistent work is involved for planning, finding the right team of developers experienced with that framework and estimating each integration.

Depending on exact integration you require, feature blending complexity desired, available documentation for that software, its complexity and popularity, our staff can provide a custom integration estimation.

To be able to estimate, our staff requires:
- a working installation with source code of the php script that runs on your site (at least source of login and templates code); ftp & cpanel or phpmyadmin access required
- technical documentation for that software, plugins, api (if available)
- our applications that need to be integrated, fully licensed and working on same enviroment (to make sure all requiremets are met and these work as needed and expected)
- exact integration requirements (login, adding menus, application pages, allow users/admins to create custom rooms)

Investment range: For each application, integration costs start from around $250 for member login, adding menu links to open applications in new pages or existing templates (if these fit) for popular scripts. Configuring settings from backend and creating rooms by admins/users involves additional complexity and adds up $450 or more for popular scripts. Integrating to custom made scripts, or requests containing less popular niche features that are not linkely to be used by other webmasters will involve higher fees, if accepted.

Timeframe: Custom development can take from 1 week to months, due to senior developer availability, technical issues or limitations that may arise during custom development with new technologies, frameworks.

Integration license: The integration php scripts will be developed and provided freely with full php source, under GPL. Your investment for custom integration will be a contribution to PHP webmasters and developers community. Custom licensing terms can be discussed.

Order Custom License and Setup Custom VideoWhisper Software Edition & Setup (per Website/Company)

Do you want the features seen with our products implemented in a custom way on your website and independent of our license servers?
For an investment range starting from ~ $1500/custom website setup depending on specifications/requirements you can have your custom video streaming application with special features for your own site. Usually this is based on an existing product where modifications are applied. Contact for more details, precise evaluation based on specs.

License is limited to the discussed websites/domains and costs vary depending on the licensed websites an required customizations. This optionally can include removal of license verification on our servers and domain verification can be hard coded instead. Distributions independent of our license servers involve licensing costs starting from at least 6x regular license price and wire transfer orders only. Other licensing options like white label, subdomains can be implemented.

For developing mobile apps also see iOS / Android app development section.

For a custom intranet distribution quote, please specify:
- what application do you want to use
- organization name that will be licensed to use it
- intranet web server (domain / ip) application will be installed on (ie. http://webserver/ or
- intranet range of client IPs (ie. 192.168.x.x)

Sample custom apps:

  • 2 Way Video Chat application could be customised to include 3 video panels instead of 2 for $1800. White labelling ads up to that if required ($2300). Application would run on 1 site (domain or IP). If subdomains also need to be licensed $350 adds up to $2650.
  • A custom software edition for Video Conference could include a task bar (similar to Video Consultation) and private video chat support (similar to Video Messenger). That could be implemented for $1700. With white labelling that would be $2200.
  • An iOS app for iPhone / iPad , clone of app ca be developed for $1500 to work in combination with an existing edition of Live Streaming.

Default integrations available for standard applications may not work or cover all functionality of custom new apps, so new integrations / adapation of existing integrations must be considered.

Additional changes, features, modifications can be contracted later.

We reserve the right to keep a copy of your custom application on our hosts for demonstrative purposes and mention these in our marketing literature, also use the custom implementations in future products or upgrades. Also custom editions contain the developer link in right click menu for copyrights purposes. These terms can be changed for additional fees.

Delivery time for custom development ranges from 1 week to months depending on requirements, developer availability and unexpected implementation difficulties, limitations that can occur on custom development with new technologies and frameworks.

Software is licensed for usage under certain terms, not sold. There is an End User License Agreement for the software distributed from this site.

Order Custom License and Setup Custom VideoWhisper Software Unlimited License, Setup, Distribution Rights & License Control (Unlimited)

If you have a great idea for a new product or plugin you want to integrate with your own website software products, we can develop that for you. This includes license control on your server(s) so you can control what domains will able to use your new product. This can be based on an existing product or can be a new custom niche product (see custom edition details above). This can also include implementation of custom design and layout you provide, white labeling / re-labeling / hard labeling the product with your company name or ads. The product must be labeled - it will include a right click link and copyright notice referencing our site or customer site depending on requirements.

For a investment range starting from ~ $5000 - $9000 depending on product (~20x regular license ) your can have your own video streaming / videochat product to distribute as you wish.

An intermediary deal for unlimited licensing is with licensing and license servers operated by VideoWhisper (managed unlimited licensing).
VideoWhisper will charge a small $25 fee for setting up any new additional domain (and that also includes operating license revokation, meaning you can contact us anytime to disable that license). Installation and on site support can be ordered for additional $25 for each setup.
Depending on application, managed unlimited licensing can be provided for $2000 - $3500 with our branding or $3000 - $5000 with relabelling (branding and backlink will be to your company/network).

Contact for more details, clarifications, project evaluation based on specs / features / custom work needed.

A custom product can only be ordered after confirming previously discussed, clarified and accepted exact specs to be implemented, special licensing terms if any, investment amount, estimated delivery time.

Roadmap: First step is to get the application you want with standard licensing (and optionally white labelling).
When application is up and running, standard license can be upgraded to unlimited product license for price difference.

Order Custom License and Setup Custom VideoWhisper Software Unlimited License, Setup, Distribution Rights + Full Flash Source Code

If you have your own developers for Flash/Air AS3 + Wowza / Red5 / FMIS + php & mysql we can provide a custom application you can use for building your own projects and products.
Sometimes full code and rights to extend are required by major angel investors before funding such projects.

Price tag starts from ~$15 000/custom application + full source code (~60x regular license) and depends on project requirements.

Unlimited license means you can use the solution on any sites, distribute it to others as you wish.
License control will be changed to check license on your own site. You can change that or any other part of the application as you wish.

As application will be based on our libraries and features already existent in other products licensed to clients, unlimited license is not exclusive. You will have exclusive rights only for customisations your developers will do to the application after delivery.

Contact for more details, clarifications, project evaluation based on specs / features / custom work needed.

Roadmap: First step is to get the application you want with standard licensing (and optionally white labelling).
When application is up and running, standard license can be upgraded to unlimited product license and then to unlimited source, modification and distribution rights for price difference.

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