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Run Own Live Streaming Site with Videowhisper's Expert Consulting Services Turnkey live video streaming site solutions: Own your online media presence!
Run own live video platform: own content, own members, own rules, own business, on own domain.
In today's fast-paced digital landscape, Videowhisper stands as your premier partner in designing and developing cutting-edge technical solutions for your unique online live media platform. Our expertise extends beyond mere technicalities; we delve deep into the art of creating a platform that truly reflects your vision.

  • Technology & Platform Recommendations

    Leverage our extensive knowledge to select the most effective technical solutions and technologies for your project. Whether it's live streaming, video conferencing, or video sharing, we recommend the best technology, web platforms and software, including highly scalable Wowza Streaming Engine (by Wowza Media Systems) and/or WebRTC Signaling with STUN/TURN, using own dedicated servers or managed hosted services, WordPress with specific plugin sets for turnkey solutions or integrating packages from GitHub in own platform.
  • Server Hardware & Software Expertise

    VideoWhisper provides in-depth analysis and recommendations on hardware & networking requirements, to fit project features, stage and scale. We evaluate your current hosting solutions and suggest alternatives or additions to enhance server/networking capabilities. Furthermore, we help you navigate server software requirements, resource usage estimates, offering advice on optimal technologies, configurations, services for your current project.
  • Customized Technical Solutions for Diverse Needs

    At Videowhisper, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer bespoke consultation services, empowering you to plan and design a platform enriched with features tailored to your specific requirements. Our services encompass a wide range of technological domains, including hardware, software, and communication technologies. We not only help you set up and run your platform but also offer expert advice on integration, customization, and optimization of various functionalities.
  • Comprehensive Training & Priority Support

    Our commitment to your success is reflected in our inclusive training programs and priority support. We guide you through every step of accessing and utilizing the main features of your platform with detailed instructions. Our support extends to configuring your platform to meet your unique needs, ensuring you receive top-tier assistance as per our support terms. We also advise on the best security software, services, and practices to safeguard your digital presence.
  • Optimization & Cost-Effective Solutions

    Videowhisper excels in providing analysis and suggestions aimed at optimizing feature performance and reducing costs. Our goal is to ensure your platform operates at peak efficiency without unnecessary expenditures. That may include selecting optimal hosting choice for project scale and type, live streaming technologies suitable for project requirements, software packages and services for necessary site features.
  • Customization & External Services

    Stay ahead of the curve with our guidance on incorporating new features like monetization, e-commerce, and e-learning into your platform. Our consultation extends to helping you choose the best external service providers for customization, development, and administration services. We aim to connect you with the right resources to enhance your platform's capabilities.
$99 / per month
Fans Paysite
  • Live Stream / Calls / Conference / Collaboration
  • Pay Per Minute, Paid Messages, Room Profiles
  • Custom Performers / Client Roles, Dashboards
  • All Broadcast Live Video Features
$99 / per month
Broadcast Live Video
  • Live Video Streaming, Chat
  • Tips/Gifts, Paid Access
  • All Video Share VOD Features
$20 / per month
Video Share VOD
  • Videos, Pictures, Downloads, Star Ratings
  • WordPress, Membership, MicroPayment Wallets
  • Supports WordPress Plugins and Themes
VideoWhisper provides consulting services for technical solutions (content agnostic) to run your own live platform with own users and content, on own domain. Have any questions? Contact Us
  • 100% Web Based & HTML5

    No downloads or software installations are required for end users. Mobile ready adaptive HTML5 interfaces. No app store approval or profit sharing required.
  • Free Installation on Compatible Hosting

    Each consulting package includes instructions, training and assistance with installation on compatibe hosting. For turnkey packages (labeled bundle/hosting), just point your domain/subdomain to compatible host to get started.
  • Live Demos / Free Downloads

    Check turnkey site solutions in live demos, download PHP code for evaluation/review in own setups. Special requirements apply for specific features (i.e. live streaming and video management), as described on site.
  • Free Unlimited Updates

    Site plugin packages are distributed for free and curated trough WordPress plugin repository. Updates show in site backend and can be applied automatically. Packages updates from GitHub can also be downloaded when needed, for free.
  • These technical solutions are provided as consulting services to plan & design own platform/website with the specific features presented on these websites (with the live demos). Technical solutions involve hardware, software, communication technologies and training, know how & assistance to setup / run / configure / integrate / customize various features and functionalities on own platform, suggestions for optimizations and best use practices.
  • Delivery of these solutions includes instructions (training) to access / use main features, configure for own specific needs, priority support (per support terms on contact pages), suggestions for extending functionality / integrating services / contracting services from other parties (designers, programmers, webmasters). Consulting plans may include free bonuses or perks.
  • Proposed technical solutions are content agnostic, do not come pre-loaded with¬†content and run on own client domain, with own content and terms.

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