VideoWhisper Script Installation

VideoWhisper Script Installation

Installation (for included and ordered installation) can be provided on request. Installation service refers to deploying existing editions, on compatible hosting, to run similar to live demos.
Additonal installation services can be ordered as necessary to deploy editions, scripts or tweaks based on prior agreement.

Order Additional VideoWhisper Script Installation

Before ordering installation make sure your hosting enviroment meets the requirements of this software (you need compatible WEB and RTMP hosting and for recording/archiving these need to be on same server).

Order Script Installation for 25USD

This service is for installing/upgrading the free editions of the VideoWhisper products or extra copies/products for purchased licenses (in addition to 1 included available for free within the first year).

Installation request needs to be submitted in a ticket and specify what and where needs to be installed.
Installation service refers to deploying existing editions, on compatible hosting, to run similar to live demos.

Required Details

Compatible hosting details (including RTMP streaming hosting) and edition selection are required for our staff to proceed with installation. Fill a ticket with these details:

  • What product and edition do you want installed? Available ones are listed on the site. You can specify URL.
    In example PHP Live Streaming or WordPress Live Streaming plugin .
  • Specify RTMP address of a preinstalled videowhisper application, or access details to a supported rtmp server's application files & instructions to restart the rtmp server.
    • Type of supported rtmp server you'll be using and URL to verify it is online and accessible (http://yoursite:5080 for red5 or http://yoursite:1935 for wowza).
    • Server IP, SSH root password, port for linux servers or remote desktop details for Windows servers.
    • Path where rtmp server is installed on your server.
    In example, if you have red5 installed on Linux server, Red5 installation path and SSH root access are required to deploy new application and restart red5 server. Same for Wowza, as these applications require new rtmp side libraries to be deployed directly on server.
    If you don't have compatible hosting, check hosting options, depending on features you need to run.
  • FTP/CPanel details to access web location where to install (except for joomla components and wordpress plugins where these can be deployed from administrator area).
  • Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal/Oxwall/Elgg/Dolphin/AVS/ClipShare/ClipBucket/Magento admin access details if a edition for one of these is required.
  • CPanel details if you have Softaculous/Fantastico and also want Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal installed by our team. If host does not provide automated installation system and install needs to be done manually, an extra installation fee will be required.

Change the password(s) when everything is done and tested.

Red5 / RTMP Server Installation

Red5 installation service is not included in script installation as that's part of software requirements. Red5 installation can be ordered for additional fees if you have a VPS or Dedicated Server. Optionally if you have a license key, our staff can install Wowza.

Red5 Installation on VPS or Dedicated Server

Video Sharing Support / FFMPEG Installation

For an extra fee our server install team can setup latest FFMPEG including codecs: x264, theora, mp3lame, ogg, faac, xvid, speex required for converting to and from flash and HTML5 formats.

FFMPEG Installation

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