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Video Messenger Script: Live Web Video Messaging
Video Messenger Live Instant Cam Script
  • private 2 way video chat
  • multiple simultaneous private chats
  • as you type preview
  • public department video and chat
  • user thumbnail, status in list
  • usage scenario toggles (messenger, support, private show...)
  • private show request
  • private session control for PPV integrations
  • group chat with performer live video
  • tips with sound notification and message
  • sound notifications on entry and private request
  • p2p groups support
  • 100% web based for clients

VideoWhisper Video Messenger is a Video Messenger Live Instant Cam Script, a website software for live online video instant messaging.

This allows website users to instantly connect on multiple simultaneous live 1 to 1 private webcam video chats.

Find more information on this page including: Online Demos, Turnkey Editions, How does it work, User Features, Developer Features, Live Video Support as Service (SaS).

For a turnkey live pay per minute videochat script see Paid Video Chat project.
Integrates ajax live performers list, tokens, tips, pay per minute private shows, multiple billing gateways and options.

Video Messenger Demo

Enter Video Messenger Demo

On the simple php script demo you'll instantly access the video messenger interface and contact any other online users. Ask a friend to visit the demo link and initiate an instant video messaging session.

Enter Video Live Support Demo

You can easily create a department and enter as operator, then share the department link with a friend to enter as client.

How does Video Messenger work?

How this works depends on edition and configuration.

In Messenger edition, users see a list of online users connected to that room. They can ask any other participant to start a video chat session using their cams.

Multiple features (ie. public chat, marking clients as assigned to operators, friends list, a public video stream) can be toggled depending on usage logic and integration.

In Live Support editions there are 2 types of users: operators and clients. Clients see a public chat and video on access (if enabled) and these hide when they get assigned to an operato and private video chat starts. Operator can assist multiple clietns at same time.

Live Video Support Service (SaS)

Add Live Video Support to your site without installing/hosting extra software with Video Live Support .

Just register and account and get department embed code to add to your site. Checkout this tutorial with screenshots to see exactly how it works.

Contact us for custom capabilities, features.

Turnkey Integrations (Editions)
  • PHP Video Messenger Script This is the easiest to integrate to php sites, public/member/administrator areas starting from the default raw demo php files.
  • PHP Video Live Support Easily integrate video live support. Allows setting up unlimited departments.
  • WordPress PPV Live Webcams Build a turnkey pay per minute videochat site with this plugin that powers a live webcams site on top of WP framework.
  • Joomla Video Live Support Easily integrate video live support department management in Joomla CMS. Advanced GUI for settings and permissions.
  • VideoGirls BiZ PPV Private video chat shows in Video Girls BiZ ppv / ppm turnkey videochat script.

For all editions graphics and sounds are loaded from external image files. Source code for all PHP files is included and also for the FMIS .asc file, Red5/Wowza .java source. Emoticons are listed in a XML file and loaded from external images.

Supported RTMP Flash Streaming Servers

Flash Media Interactive Server / Red5 Open Source Media Server / Wowza Media Server

User Features in Live Video Messenger Software

  • Online Users List (optionally a friends list filter can be applied to show friends or certain users only)
  • Public Video (if enabled shows a predefined video stream to everybody that enters)
  • Public Chat (if enabled shows a public chat room)
  • Request, Accept Video Chats
  • Videochat panels with video & text chat - can be resized and moved
  • As you type preview : see real time what other user is typing (instead of a generic user is typing message)
  • Enable/disable video/chat
  • Enable/disable access to webcam/microphone for each user
  • Enable/disable sound fx on new message
  • Message count for background video chats
  • Fullscreen
  • Emoticons
  • Text formatting (color, bold, underline, italic)
  • Link parsing
  • Enable/disable webcam / streaming video
  • Enable/disable microphone / streaming audio
  • Streaming settings (select hardware, adapt bandwidth to connection)
  • External encoder support
  • Timers (used time/available time)
  • Hidden / Stealth / Invisible Mode
  • Auto Deny Requests Toggle
  • Sound notification when somebody enters or leaves the room
  • Toggle sound notifications
  • Toolbar with all panels including private chats
  • Request show (if enabled allows users to request private video chat show)

Developer Features for Video Messenger Live Instant Cam Script

  • Use a friends list to show only online friends or certain member types to the user
  • Skin based interface (all graphics including logo, icons, buttons, panels, emoticons, background are loaded from external images and can be changed)
  • Custom interface sounds (mp3 files)
  • Enable/disable access to streaming settings
  • Setup default, maximum bandwidth
  • Setup webcam resolution and frames per second (FPS)
  • Setup dual buffering settings
  • Session timing and control from php
  • Private chat timing and control (can be used to implement ppv)
  • Enable/disable timer
  • Enable/disable features and panels (like user list, public chat, public video, toolbar)
  • Usage scenario toggles : enable/disable multiple automated actions like hiding public chat on private, assigning users to operators, single click private chat

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