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Video Conference Software
  • many to many 2 way video chat
  • default video panels
  • unlimited extra video panels
  • user list with online participants
  • room list with avatars
  • file sharing
  • private messaging
  • profile picture , info and link
  • push to talk
  • P2P group streaming support
  • codec setup (H264, Speex, NellyMoser)
  • acoustic echo cancellation
  • session timer and control with scripts
  • 100% web based for clients

VideoWhisper Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool. It can be used stand alone or integrated as extra feature to existing sites.

Video Conferencing Software

Find on this page: demo, site integration, user features, webmaster features, archiving (recording), screen sharing, layout changes, supported rtmp servers and more.

This software allows users to establish multiple web based concurrent videophone calls and videoconferencing, that can also be referred to as a web video link. With a standard computer using any operating system, webcam and internet connection users can achieve telepresence and participate in tellecollaboration, teleconferencing sessions worldwide without leaving the comfort of their home or office. This is obtained instantly without any downloads or technical trainings required.

Internet based video conference software is great for bringing physically distant people together in meetings, trainings, conferences, live events, recruiting, consultations, coaching and of course casual community chat.
Web based video conferencing solutions bring people together instantly and without travel costs and time loss. These benefits open a wide range of new business opportunities and bring the extra value needed by established sites struggling to go ahead of their competitors.

Configuration (conference rooms, settings) and user interface (skins, icons, sounds) are loaded from external files that can be edited or replaced allowing webmasters and developers to easily customize the user experience and integrate with various content and member management scripts.

Recommended turnkey site setup: WordPress Plugin, for easy configuration and room/user management.

Demo for Video Conference Website Software

Online Video Conference - Live Software Demo - plain PHP edition, test fast

Just click the Enter Chat button and you'll be able to test all features online.
If you do not provide an username it will automatically generate a GuestYYYY name for you.

To fully test the functionality of this software you will need a standard computer with webcam and microphone, any operating system with a browser with latest flash plugin and a decent internet connection. If you are using a regular ADSL internet connection do not use very high quality settings for your webcam streaming as ADSL has low upload speed. If broadcasted webcam stream is wide, it will not be able to upload all data stream to the streaming server, causing frame loss and interruptions.

You can also evaluate it using the demos for other editions (i.e. Joomla): demo links and details are available on each edition page.

Video Conference User Features

  • Interface panels can be moved and resized by user
  • Multiple video / chat panels
  • Popup chat panels like on instant messenger applications
  • Emoticons (loaded from external image files based on a custom xml list)
  • Hardware detection and real time selection
  • Detect connection speed and automatically update broadcasting settings to prevent streaming congestions
  • Custom bandwidth and quality settings for client
  • Advanced setting changes realtime: select video/audio hardware, compression, resolution, framerate, audio rate
  • Automated realtime update of video aspect ratio (including panel size) both on broadcaster and watcher, depending on broadcast resolution (i.e. standard 4:3 webcam, DVD PAL / NTSC)
  • Enable/disable sound on text messages
  • Mute audio for each incoming video or close video stream
  • Mute own microphone / webcam
  • User list showing user status, user type, realtime webcam/microphone status
  • File Sharing (upload/delete files)
  • Download automatically generated chat logs (html)
  • Room list with icons to show full rooms
  • Create / Delete Rooms from chat interface (if implemented script side)
  • Easy one screen interface tutorial
  • Intuitive interface
  • Realtime timers showing used streaming time and total credits (for ppv integrations)
  • Kick users by administrators
  • Private Chats in popups as on Instant Messenger Applications
  • Buzz users (sound notification to get user's attention to computer/window)
  • Block/Unblock users from private messaging and buzzing you
  • Watch any participant webcam in any predefined or new video panel
  • Custom picture and profile/site link can be defined for each user

  • User status can be selected by any participant
    User Status: Available, Away, Busy
  • Automated parsing of Links, Emails, Twitter accounts, Youtube videos
  • Open JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF, Youtube videos inside video conferencing interface
    Play Games and Watch Videos

Archiving Video Conferencing Sessions

Both for Red5 and FMIS all live streams can be recorded as flv files for archiving purposes if enabled in RTMP application settings . In fact this can be done for all videowhisper streams. This is useful for verifying content type violation reports on sites where streaming is publicly available.

Desktop Sharing / Screen Broadcasting on Video Conferences

If your publishers want to broadcast their screen (when playing a game, using a program, tutoring various computer skills) they can do that easily just by using a screen sharing driver that simulates a webcam from desktop contents. Read more about Screen Sharing with Flash .

Supported RTMP Flash Streaming Servers

Flash Media Interactive Server / Red5 Open Source Media Server / Wowza Media Server
For more details see requirements.

Add and Integrate with Your Site

We created multiple editions:

For all editions graphics and sounds are loaded from external PNG & MP3 files. Source code for all PHP files is included and also for the FMIS .asc file.

Full mode licenses include all editions, with no additional costs.
Also all can be downloaded for free (limited) and used for integrations / development.

Solution / Webmaster Features

  • 100% web based webcam streaming
  • Translation system for most important texts
  • Unlimited rooms/user lists
  • Custom background (jpg/png/gif/swf)
  • Custom layout (generate code with /videowhisper layout in chat)
  • Option to fill window by expanding panels on startup
  • Option to automatically populate video slots when participants have webcams
  • Custom landing room and welcome message
  • Multiple user types and icons (regular people or couple / male / female / administrator )
  • Custom user picture and profile link
  • Default webcam settings (resolution, frame rate, bandwidth)
  • Enable/disable user access to webcam settings and advanced settings
  • Enable/disable webcam and microphone for each user (on login)
  • Setup regular expression filters and replace string for bad words
  • Usage notification scripts, credits system for easy pay per view integration
  • Enable/disable timers and credits display on chat interface
  • Enable/disable uploading and deleting files
  • Enable/disable tutorial

More details about parameters and integrations are availble on the php edition page (that usually implements latest version).

Also see the VideoWhisper Session Administrator tool that could be integrated as backend feature for your projects.

Changing Video Conference Panel Layout

Video conference panels can be moved and resized realtime during run time by each user. Additionally, the webmaster can change their default startup positions and sizes.

To create a new layout, first enter a room and move + resize the video conference panels as you desire. Then send this message with the chat panel:
/videowhisper layout

An alert panel will show with a text code that contains the panel properties (positions and sizes). Just copy this code and paste it as the layout code settings. Make sure you resize the alert panel to get all code. Different video conference software editions have different ways to configure this layout code.

Download Video Conference Website Scripts

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