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VideoWhisper Buzz : Spread The Word Promotion

VideoWhisper.com provides license discounts worth 5-20% for webmasters that spread the word about VideoWhisper software and services. That means up to $50 discount when purchasing a level 1 license (Video Conference, Live Streaming), or $70 for a level 2 license (2 Way Video Chat, Video Consultation) or $90 for a level 3 license (Video Messenger and all web apps). This applies to regular licenses only and doesn't apply to other service fees like custom licenses, installations, hosting (contact and specify order plans if you need discounts for these as the pricing structure is more complex).


How to spread the word?

If you tested any of the VideoWhisper software and services and are happy with the findings, you could:

  • Post a review / rating on a relevant site about this
    (Example: WordPress Plugins, Elgg Modules, Oxwall Plugins, Moodle Plugins)
  • Write and post an blog article on your site
  • Post a relevant topic or reply mentioning VideoWhisper software or services on a forum you activate on (just mentioned VideoWhisper and solution, link is not necessary - don't spam)
  • Add a link to a videowhisper.com page to your directory or links page, on your site
  • Post a message with link on your twitter account if you have an active account with multiple followers
  • Share videowhisper.com pages or a relevant article with any social bookmarking, sharing service like delicious, digg, technorati, myspace, reddit, facebook

After doing any of these, submit a ticket with theSpread The Word link to your post and specify what you did (what's your username if there are multiple posts there). Also specify if you want to purchase a license. VideoWhisper staff will get back to you with a discount link or coupon (value depends on effort and relevance). Contact about your posts even if you don't want to purchase a license right now but plan get coupon and do that later.



In a hurry? Some discounts are also available when paying with cryptos or buying multiple licenses in bulk.
VideoWhisper can also provide a discount coupon for 5% in special situations (for established clients, non profits, big orders with multiple options), on request: contact.

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