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Red5 VPS

VPS with Turnkey Managed Red5 RTMP Streaming & FFMPEG Video Hosting

Turnkey managed Red5 VPS with Unlimited Bandwidth, no DMCA: Great for development, startups and local projects!

Red5 VPS V1 V2 V4
CPU vCores 1 x 2.4Ghz 2 x 2.4Ghz 4 x 3.1Ghz
RAM 4 Gb 8 Gb 8 Gb
Base Storage 40 GB SSD 80 GB SSD 100 GB HDD
Bandwidth Unlimited
Connection 100 Mbps
Web Hosting Plesk Plesk (optional CPanel +$10/mo)
Locations North America / Europe
Base Price (w. Plesk) 55$/mo 75$/mo $125/mo
VOD Storage (optional) + 200 Gb for 40$/mo
+ 500 Gb for 80$/mo
Order ask
  • Setup Time: Any VPS above can be setup with Centos7, FFMPEG and Red5 in about 3-5 working days.
  • Location Options: North America (Canada, Beauharnois), Europe (North Frankfurt, East Gravelines, Central Strasbourg/Warsaw, West London).
  • Bandwidth: The 100Mbps connection can handle in theory a peak of 125 x 800kbps streams.
    For higher use see 1000Mbps plans and dedicated servers.
  • Onboarding: VPS setups are usually required for projects that need certain hosting location. Most projects can be built on a turnkey plan and moved at runtime. Dedicated setups involve bigger setup time and effort and are reserved for clients that have been with us for at least 1 month (on turnkey plans). In most situations, turnkey setups are more efficient.
  • Web Hosting: On request: Plesk web hosting allows hosting 10 domains (php, mysql, ftp). CPanel is available for higher VPS (with higher resources) for extra.
  • Dedicated IP: Each server includes a dedicated IP. More can be added for $3/IP.
  • SLA: 99.95% uptime (network and hardware).
  • Managed Red5 : This VPS service includes (at no additional costs) Red5 installation (worth $150) and RTMP server administration (worth $80/mo : installation of apps, fine tuning, troubleshooting).
  • SSH root: Altough VPS is fully managed by our admins, SSH root access can be provided if client assumes full responsibility for using it. Unexperienced or malicious administrators with such access can compromise server by permitting installation of exploits or making it completely unusable. Recovery in such situations is not possible and our administrators can only wipe out everything and reinstall OS from scratch (one reinstall per billing cycle is included).
  • Copyright Policy: Hosting or distributing copyrighted content without permission is not allowed on any of the servers we provide. Any reported copyrighted content held without permission needs to be removed to keep services active.
    Handling of copyright related complains is different depending on datacenter location. Our VPS datacenters procedure is less restrictive than DMCA (only the reported IP is blocked until removal of content and other IPs can be temporary used during cleanup - additional IPs are required for this scenario).
    Suggestions: Have a system in place on site for handling of copyright claims, review new site contents, don't use trademarks or popular copyrighted content names especially on public site pages (outside member area) as these often trigger bots and search engines looking for such content.
Local VPS: Different World Location

We can provide turnkey managed Red5 VPS in different world locations. Different terms apply (usually a monthly bandwidth limit, different prices and local legislation).
Tell us desired location, resource requirements (estimated space, bandwidth) and destination (only Red5 or both Red5 and web hosting).

Sample locations: South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile), Europe (UK, France, Russia, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Poland), Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore), Australia, Middle East.

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