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Red5 Installation

Wowza SE / Streaming Server Installation

Streaming Server InstallationVideoWhisper server administrators can setup latest stable Wowza SE if you have a license, on your dedicated server or VPS (not recommended). This also includes installation and configuration of VideoWhisper streaming side module and application configuration. This service is provided by by trusted VideoWhisper administrators that also handle our servers and hosting plans.

Notes: Red5 and older RTMP streaming server types are no longer support a, as latest advanced HTML5 capabilities are based on Wowza SE server and latest browsers no longer support Flash for RTMP. Legacy URL was maintained as referenced documentation. HTML5 live streaming requires configuring Wowza with SSL StreamLock certificate.

Our server administrators can also provide subscription based Streaming Server Administration that includes this service.

VideoWhisper HTML5 Live Streaming Hosting Plans already include streaming server installed (with full mode license for Wowza SE) so this is not required.

Warning: Before setting up your own server, make sure it meets the hardware requirements (like bitrate, network connectivity) for expected usage volume. For quick setup, high reliability and performance, we recommend our plans and servers, specially designed with such usage in mind (network, hardware, software, configuration and administration).

For advanced capabilities implemented in turnkey site solutions like PaidVideochat or BroadcastLiveVideo, a Stream Session Control module license will also be required when using 3rd party servers.


Order Installation Service
Install Wowza SE and Configure HTML5 SSL for 350USD (requires license key and StreamLock certificate) [recommended]
Install Wowza SE for 200USD (requires license key) and you configure rest

This installation service is not required on VideoWhisper hosting plans or turnkey bundles as VideoWhisper servers are already installed and configured to meet all requirements.
Installation service does not include any software licensing (for Wowza SE or VideoWhisper software like web apps or Stream Session Control) or installation for other software.

Optional: Video Sharing Support / FFMPEG Installation

For an extra $100 fee our server install team can setup latest FFmpeg including specific HTML5 codecs, required for generating snapshots, recording streams, transcoding.

FFMPEG Installation

Required Details

Send server details in a ticket:

  • SSH access details: accessible server IP, SSH port, password for root user or instructions to access as root from a different account - specific to OS flavor
  • webmin/whm or other SSH settings controlling admin panel you have (if any) if additional changes are required to access ssh (enable ssh access, configure firewall)
  • Wowza SE license key (trial developer of commercial)
  • valid SSL certificate for Wowza SE: StreamLock or custom imported for HTML5 SSL setup

Recommended server system: CentOS 7+. Change the password when everything is done and tested.

Recommended Server

Most important specification for streaming video is connectivity. Make sure your server has a big connection (1000Mbps preferred) and is physically installed in a reputable datacenter well connected to your target client networks. See hardware requirements.

VPS servers can be used for development phase or low traffic sites. For hight traffic you should opt for a full dedicated server or shared plan optimised for video streaming.

For advanced capabilities implemented in VideoWhisper solutions, a Stream Session Control module license will also be required when using 3rd party servers.

VPS vs Dedicated Server

A VPS can be used for live video streaming project development and testing but are not recommended at production times.
Dedicated servers are recommended. See hosting type requirements .

Multiple VPS (Virtual Private Servers) share same server with same hardware (disk, cpu, memory, connection).
While resulting performance issues are not visible when serving http pages, frame loss/latency/temporary freezing can occur in live streams on a VPS, depending on how the other VPS on same server use the shared physical resources and temporary lock these.

Managed Hosting

If you prefer avoiding the hassle of setting up, managing and securing a vps or dedicated server or you lack the time and/or experience for this, we can also provide hosting plans with:
+ HTML5 Live Streaming hosting with Wowza SE: WebRTC, HLS, RTMP, RTSP
+ Stream Session Control
+ CPanel web hosting
+ FFMPEG with HTML5 codecs


Our team does not assume any responsibility for the changes done on the server and success of tasks. We also do not offer any guarantee that the installation will be successful due to the big number of linux flavors, pre-installed software, configuration options. If installation can't be provided we'll provide a refund as listed in the Moneyback Guarantee.

Moneyback Guarantee

If our server install team can't provide the service in 1 week after receiving good access details, you can request a refund for the installation fee.

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