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RTMP Server Administration

Streaming Server Administration - Setup and Manage RTMP/RTSP/WebRTC/HLS Server Services

If you have a dedicated server from a 3rd party provider but don't have a server administrator to manage OS and rtmp server (setup rtmp server, upgrade server software, restart and troubleshoot when needed, deploy and configure new rtmp applications) our admins can also provide server management.
Purpose of this service is to deploy and administrate the software requirements for streaming on a suitable server.

Administration Services: Server administration includes all these possible services (including rates per individual item installation):

  • Installation / Reinstallation of Wowza SE (Wowza SE license key required) [quarterly updates] ~ $150/installation
  • Configuration of WebRTC for Wowza server, firewall adjustments ~ $50/installation
  • Configuration of HTTPS for Wowza for WebRTC / MPEG DASH / HLS (SSL required) ~ $50/installation
  • Installation of VideoWhisper module for Wowza SE (Stream Session Control license required for full features) [quarterly updates] ~ $25-50/installation
  • Fine tuning Wowza application configuration for lower HLS / MPEG DASH latency ~ $25/installation
  • Optimization and troubleshooting of streaming server, including logging/monitoring deactivation/activation, firewall adjustments ~ $25/installation
  • Setup of restreaming and/or playlist scheduling for Wowza Streaming Engine ~ $25/installation
  • Setup of RTMP Session Control (license required) with Wowza Streaming Engine and applications ~ $25/installation
  • Installation / Reinstallation of latest FFmpeg and HTML5 codecs required for snapshots, recording, transcoding [quarterly updates] ~ $69/installation
  • Installation of document conversion tools [quarterly updates] (required to convert PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS to images for web based display) ~ $69/installation
    Apache_OpenOffice, unoconv, ImageMagick
  • Installation / reinstallation for WHM/CPanel (if license available) ~ $25/installation
  • Installation / reinstallation for Softaculous automated scripts installer (if license available) ~ $25/installation
  • Installation of licensed VideoWhisper editions¬†[quarterly updates] ~ $25/installation
  • Server software package upgrades [monthly] ~ $25/installation

Items above can also be contracted in any combination, per installation, on request.


  • A dedicated server (VPS not recommended) with CentOS 7 is recommended.
  • For HTML5 Live Streaming & HTML5 Videochat and other features than basic RTMP Flash apps, these server software licenses are required for each 3rd party server (included on our servers):
    • Wowza SE - $175-$295 per month, from Wowza Media Systems (check their site as pricing changed multiple times)
    • Streaming Session Control for custom Wowza SE module by VideoWhisper - $19/month or $299 perpetual, from VideoWhisper
  • Web hosting software is required for also hosting website. We recommend WHM CPanel (Metal for dedicated server) at $45/month, as on our servers

Turnkey Hosting with All Features

All services and required server software licensing are already included with our Managed Dedicated Streaming Servers and already deployed on servers hosting our Complete Turnkey Hosting Plans from $50/month (for all features).

Order Complete Streaming Server Management

Complete administration service (that includes all items mentioned above) is available for $80 per month, as semi-anually subscription:

Order Streaming Server Setup & Support for 480USD each 6 months (you can cancel after first charge if you don't need more support)

  • Administration service does not include software licensing (for VideoWhisper web applications / session control, or 3rd party items like Wowza SE, WHM, Softaculous) or other services like hosting, hardware rental. These licenses & services are include with VideoWhisper turnkey managed plans (from $50/mo for everything) & servers that are usually the optimal deal.
  • Subscription is billed automatically until cancelled from billing site. Can be cancelled anytime before next renewal if not needed and re-contracted later if necessary.
  • Cancel subscription before next billing date to discontinue and prevent another charge, because setup & administration services are not returnable due to their nature.
  • Administration service includes 1 installation and 1 reinstallation (if needed) for all items, per billing cycle (if changing servers, after hardware failure or configuration being broken by other administrators)
  • Updates of software to latest versions are sheduled and provided on request as available (after original installation, in 6 months, 6 monthly updates and 2 quarterly updates can be requested). Information about new version releases are available on their official sites.
  • This service is for managing server software and can not solve issues or limitations related to 3rd party server provider services, network, hardware, performance or reliability. If server is not suitable, you can review VideoWhisper turnkey managed dedicated streaming servers.

Required Details

Provide in a ticket:

  • Server IP
  • SSH root password, port for linux servers
  • remote desktop access details, for Windows servers (Windows not recommended)

Recommended Server

Most important specification for streaming video is connectivity. Make sure your server has a big connection (1000Mbps preferred) and is physically installed in a reputable datacenter well connected to your target client networks.

If you also use server for web hosting, WHM/CPanel is recommended for easy web management.

Install can usually be provided on these distributions:

  • Linux: Centos 7+ Recommended ; via SSH root access

Turnkey Hosting vs Own Server

When using own infrastructure higher costs are involved for licensing server software (Wowza SE $95/mo, stream session control $19/month, web whm/cpanel $45/month or alternative), SSL, server setup and administration. Also lots of time to configure, troubleshoot and administrate servers.

We recommend our Complete Turnkey Hosting Plans from $50/month (for all features) during development and early project stages.

VPS/Cloud vs Dedicated Server

A VPS can be used for live video streaming project development and testing but are not recommended at production times.
Dedicated servers are recommended.

Multiple VPS (Virtual Private Servers) share same server with same hardware (disk, cpu, memory, connection).
While resulting performance issues are not visible when serving http pages, frame loss/latency/temporary freezing can occur in live streams on a VPS, depending on how the other VPS on same server use the shared physical resources and temporary lock these.

Cloud elastic servers are similar to VPS but can be adjusted to use more of the servers resources for that instance. An instant can not use more than available on the server where hosted and also has to share hardware with other instances.

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