RTMP Applications

RTMP Applications

This page contains information about setting up the RTMP application. You need just 1 of these flash media (rtmp) servers to run the software: Adobe, Red5 or Wowza. See the software requirements for more details.

These instructions are for installing on your own dedicated or semi-dedicated (vps) environment if you already have Adobe FMIS, Wowza or Red5 installed .
Root SSH / administrative access is required to add the new libraries to rtmp server files and restart the service. This can only be done by server administrator.

If you have a special rtmp host ask for assistance from your provider. We provide managed plans with full installation and setup with our rtmp hosting offers , premium red5 hosting plans.
This page only provides information about installing the videowhisper RTMP application when RTMP server is installed, functional and accessible. For details about the RTMP servers check the requirements and hosting pages mentioned above.


Installation Instructions

Step 1. Download the latest version of the RTMP application you want to install from the downloads section (scroll to bottom VideoWhisper RTMP Applications section).
This is a different download than project/plugin files and you will not find the rtmp application in the archive with the web files. There is a special archive you must download separately, for the rtmp server type you'll be using.
VideoWhisper currently comes in rtmp applications versions for 3 types of rtmp servers: Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server, Red5, Wowza.

Wowza Media Server Wowza Installation

Step 2. Copy contents of zip (see Step1) file to your Wowza installation folder.
Verify that you have in wowza installation folder:

These files are for required for rtmp://your-server/videowhisper to work.

Use videowhisper / videowhisper-live application for live streaming, videowhisper-chat for chat projects and videowhisper-recorder for video recording projects. See more details on settings if combos are needed.

This was developed and tested with Wowza Media Server, Wowza Streaming Engine.

This uses AMF3 - configure that when installing a script (settings.php/parameters/settings).

Make sure you're using latest JDK as older versions will not work. Check with "java -version" .

Archiving Videos

For archiving streams broadcast with flash applications, default container in conf/Server.xml should be changed from mp4 to flv, to support flash audio codecs (nellymoser, speex).

For Wowza Media Server 4+ (Streaming Engine) :

  1. Go to http://[your-wowza-server]:8088/enginemanager/
  2. From the top menu select the [Server] page & In Server Setup > Edit
  3. Change Default Stream Prefix from mp4 to flv & Save
Flash Media Interactive Server FMIS Installation

Step 2. Copy contents of zip file (see Step1) to your "applications" folder in your FMIS installation folder.
Verify that you have applications/videowhisper/main.asc .

Application should work with FCS1.5, FMS2 using AMF0 and FMIS3, FMIS3.5 using AMF3.

Red5 Open Source Flash Media Server Red5 Installation

For Red5 there are multiple rtmp side versions depending on Red5 version you'll be using. Using wrong version of app will not work.
If you don't know what Red5 you have installed, latest versions mention it in logs/red5.log (from red5 installation folder).

Step 2.
Copy contents of zip file (see Step1) to your "webapps" folder in your Red5 installation folder.
Verify that you have webapps/videowhisper/WEB-INF/ .

Step 3. Restart Red5 server.
This is usually done with "service red5 restart" but sometimes you need to kill existing process.

Application was tested with multiple Red5 versions from 0.7 to 1.0.6. Other versions may not be compatible.
If latest trunk doesn't work, use latest Final build you find. Make sure you're using at least JDK 6 (installed and configured in JAVA HOME) as JDK5 will not work with this.

For oldest Red5 versions like Red5 0.7, you also need to tweak WEB-INF/web.xml by adding these before </web-app> at end of file:



If you later upgrade Red5 to newer version make sure you remove these settings as latest versions will not fuction with these.

This uses AMF3.

Make sure you're using latest JDK as older versions will not work. Check with "java -version" .

Troubleshooting in Linux shell

  • ps aux | grep red5 = find out if red5 process is running;
    - there should be only one java red5 process and the grep process ;
    - if multiple processes are running kill all with kill -9 {process id} then start red5 again;
    - if multiple are running first one is bound to ports and not aware of new applications added
    (kill it)
  • netstat -anp | grep 1935 = find out if red5 is listening on rtmp port 1935;
    also you can check web port 5080 if you need to use http://yourserver:5080/ to test/access red5 web server

Updates: Installing new VideoWhisper flash applications and updates will also require upgrade of the rtmp application to cover the new functionality. Just download the latest version and install over the old one. Restart the RTMP server after doing this. Or you can restart just the VideoWhisper application with the RTMP admin tool if available (Flash Media Administration Console / Red5 Admin).

Configuration for Flash Software, Components, Plugins

Your RTMP path should be rtmp://your-server-or-ip/videowhisper .
Test your rtmp address with the VideoWhisper RTMP Tester .

The server or ip must be publicly accessible for others to be able to access. Using something like "localhost" when you install locally or an intranet IP will only allow you to test (others will not be able to access).

You must fill this setting in a file or form depending on edition: each edition has a page on this website with detailed instructions (browse the left menu - i.e. Joomla Video Conference will have an input for that in parameters form).


Multiple RTMP Application Copies

You can have multiple RTMP application installs in different folders if you plan to run multiple projects (i.e. videowhisper_live, videowhisper_conference) . This means new rtmp addresses like rtmp://your-domain-or-ip/videowhisper_live & rtmp://your-domain-or-ip/videowhisper_conference . Also multiple projects can share the same RTMP path. We do not recommend that if you have overlapping rooms (with same name). Those will show users in the same place but website specific features (like file sharing) will not work between all users.

For the Red5 applications, you must update WEB-INF/red5-web.properties to reflect the new path. As default folder name is videowhisper and that contains webapp.contextPath=/videowhisper . For a videowhisper_live copy that should contain webapp.contextPath=/videowhisper_live .

For Wowza you need to create a folder newapplication for each application in applications and copy conf/videowhisper/Application.xml to conf/newapplication/Application.xml . You will obtain this videowhisper rtmp address: rtmp://your-wowza-server/newapplication . Edit Application.xml stream type depending on project, as explained below.


Depending on each rtmp application there are different settings and features supported by that server type.
For recording and external players to work, streams need to be published to rtmp server. In apps that support P2P this is not done by default and needs to be configured with parameters like alwaysRTMP=1 or supportP2P=0.

Wowza Media Server VideoWhisper Wowza Settings

VideoWhisper RTMP side package for Wowza comes with multiple apps configured for various scenarios.

  • videowhisper-live = use with Live Streaming to publish live video
  • videowhisper-chat = use for video chat (low latency) : Video Conference, 2 Way Videochat, Video Consultation, Video Messenger
  • videowhisper-record = use for recording and playback with Video Recorder and rtmp players
  • videowhisper-archive = use with Live Streaming to publish and archive (record) live video
  • videowhisper-x = use when transcoding stream for mobile delivery as HLS, MPEG-Dash with Live Streaming, Video Consultation or publishing an mobile ready stream with external encoders
  • videowhisper-xarchive = use for publishing live stream, transcoded stream for mobile delivery and also archiving . Note: when you publish a stream and also the transcoding both will be recorded.

VideoWhisper RTMP side for wowza allows specific configuration properties:


These are documented on:

Edit other Wowza options in conf/videowhisper/Application.xml as explained in Wowza configuration guide .

Configure <Streams> ... <Stream Type> for your needs: Use live for live streaming, live-lowlatency for video chat and conferencing, record for video recorder. Combos are also available as live-record or live-record-lowlatency as explained in the guide.

Configure video saving location in <Streams> ... <StorageDir> . You can setup a public folder in public_html if on same server as web server.

Allow access to rtmp only from certain domain(s):
<AllowDomains>domain.com, www.domain.com</AllowDomains>

Wowza also supports direct streaming for Apple iPhone/iPad and other devices/applications that don't support flash: RTMP/RTSP/RTP Streaming.

Wowza allows enabling some security modes with the MediaSecurity Addon Package. These modules can:

Enable RTMP Authentication
This will allow broadcasting only trough external applications that support rtmp authentication. Web based flash application broadcasting will not work.


Add allowed usernames and passwords to conf/publish.password . In example, in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder user will be prompted to fill username and password when connecting.

Enable Secure Token
This will allow only connections from applications that support configuring a token key.



Replace VideoWhisper with the token key of choice and update in web application settings.

RTMP Authentication and Secure Token can be used in combination with secure connections option.



Or this can be enabled separately:

This will disable connections by RTMP based address.


Red5 Open Source Flash Media Server VideoWhisper Red5 Settings

1. Edit WEB-INF/red5-web.properties from application folder:

Variable and Default Value Description
acceptPlayers=true accept external flash players to connect by rtmp and play a stream without providing username
recordEverything=false record all streams as flv files for archiving purposes (can use a lot of space); see options below for setting record path
recordPath=videowhisperStreams/ path to recordings, all recorded streams can be found here
playbackPath=videowhisperStreams/ path to video files for playback, use same to be able to play recordings
absolutePath=false provide paths as relative or absolute; set this as true if you want to provide an absolute path like /home/mysite/public_html/archive or c:/www/archive
allowedDomains= set comma separated domains that can host swf to use this rtmp address (videowhisper.com, videochat-software.com); leave blank to allow connections from all domains
withLogging=false enable debug logs
logFilename=videowhisper log file prefix

Make sure you do not leave ending spaces.

To configure a streams storage folder in a public web location configure something like:

2. Restart Red5 server or just the VideoWhisper application from the Red5 Admin.

Flash Media Interactive Server VideoWhisper FMIS Settings

1. Edit main.asc from application folder:

Variable and Default Value Description
var allowPlayers=true; accept external flash players to connect by rtmp and play a stream without providing an username
var recordEverything=false; record all streams as flv files for archiving purposes (can use a lot of space); these will be recorded in the application folder in a streams/_definst_ subfolder

2. Restart FMIS server or just the VideoWhisper application from the Flash Media Administration Console.

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