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Payment Processors

Payment/Billing Processors and Options

Taxes, fees, invoicing depend on your location, business type and payment solution used. You should check all payment processors and order methods to see which best fits your needs.

We usually accept payments by BlueSnap (United States, UK, Israel, Canada), ShareIt (Germany, European Union), Avangate (Netherlands, European Union), CoinPayments (British Columbia, Canada).
Use these if you want to pay using credit or debit cards, wire transfer, Paypal, crypto currencies.

Find multiple order links for licensing and license + hosting combos on our investment options page or contact if you want to order a combo using a specific method that's not already listed.
You can also contact for confirmations, suggestions.

Alternate special payment methods (contact us for details like account, wallet address):

  • Direct crypto token transfer (10% discount for licensing, hosting): DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and other tokens.
  • Paypal.com (for existing clients on skipped payments or customisations, as billing partners also accept Paypal for standard items)
  • Bank Wire Transfer (for custom item payments over $3000, as billimg partners also manage wire for standard items)
  • MoneyGram, WesternUnion (for payments over $250, involves higher fees and processing time)
  • Freelancer.com (escrow service, custom projects, Freelancer invoice, involves higher fees)
Billing Support

Billing support is available for our billing partners / distributors (BlueSnapAvangateShareItPayPal, CoinPayments) as described on their contact pages, on their official sites, based on their policy. Billing sites can't assist with technical inquiries and have own support policy.

VideoWhisper does not collect, keep or manage your billing details (like credit card info). These are managed by the billing site and all inquiries related to billing process should be addressed there.
BlueSnap, Avangate, ShareIt and other listed processors are the legal distributors for VideoWhisper products and services and can assist with billing issues, order information corrections, invoice, W9 form.
VideoWhisper staff receives automated notifications about payments/cancellations from billing site and updates service status. For each order you can use billing site contact page and information in your billing notification emails to address billing related inquiries.
VideoWhisper staff can only check payment status (if paid or not) based on order email/order number and provide links to billing site contact pages, depending on your order (what billing site you used or plan to use).


Items provided on this site are not returnable due to their nature.

Software can be tested in online demos and trial downloads. Hosting service performance can also be evaluated with the online demos and plan specifications.

Full mode license can be ordered/rented when there is need for commercial use. Due to their nature, the products can be used for 1 time events (i.e. Live Streaming an event). Applying a money back policy would allow webmasters to use the software for their commercial needs without paying.
Considering this, contracted license period is not commercially returnable.

As products and services are delivered exactly as advertised in their online demos and services are not returnable due to their nature, there is no moneyback policy.
As suggested in End User License Agreement, please take time and evaluate the script using our available demo or trial version. Before you buy the software package, read its requirements, and be sure that your server meets them.

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