Payment Processors

Payment Processors

Taxes, fees, invoicing depend on your location, business type and payment solution used. You should check all payment processors and order methods to see which best fits your needs.

We usually accept payments by Plimus (California, United States), ShareIt (Germany, European Union), Avangate (Netherlands, European Union)- you will find order links on our investment page.

Alternate special payment methods (contact us for details):

  • (for payments under $100/month, usually subscriptions)
  • (escrow service, custom projects, Freelancer invoice)
  • Bank Wire Transfer (for payments over $1000)
  • MoneyGram, WesternUnion (for payments over $250)
Moneyback Policy

All products can be tested online and also downloaded and tested on compatible hosting prior to purchase. Customers can install and fully evaluate the products prior to purchase.

Full mode license can be ordered/rented when there is need for commercial use. Due to their nature, the products can be used for 1 time events (i.e. Live Streaming an event). Applying a money back policy would allow webmasters to use the software for their commercial needs without paying.
Considering this, contracted license period is not commercially returnable.

As products and services were delivered as advertised in online demos and allocated resources can't be returned, there is no moneyback policy.

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