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PHP Live Video Messenger Script
  • Invite link
  • Simple setup
  • Easy to install
  • Full PHP source code
  • Easy to integrate
Video Messenger Script: Live Web Video Messaging

PHP Video Messenger edition can be used for quick stand alone setup and fast integration with php sites.

Find on this page:


Enter Video Messenger Demo

On the simple php script demo you'll instantly access the video messenger interface and contact any other online users. Ask a friend/partner/co-worker to visit the demo link and initiate an instant video messaging session.

Installation Instructions for PHP Video Messenger

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
  2. Download PHP Stand Alone zip and copy contents of vm_php inside to your web installation location. (Example: www.yoursite.com/videomessenger/)
  3. Fill your RTMP path into settings.php as $rtmp_server .
  4. Set write permissions for uploads folder if you don't have suPHP enabled.
  • Edit design, skins, icons, logo, sounds, background in templates/messenger .
  • This can be integrated with your members database and login and configuration system.
    Variables like username, loggedin (1 if user was logged in and allowed to enter, 0 otherwise), welcome message, streaming settings are passed from m_login.php :
    • &room=<?=$room_name?>&username=<?=$username?> Room & username.
      &psnap=32x32.png User avatar.
      &showTimer=1&showCredit=1&disconnectOnTimeout=1 Timers.
      &camWidth=320&camHeight=240&camFPS=15&micRate=11&camBandwidth=32768 Default streaming settings.
      &bufferLive=0.1&bufferFull=0.1&bufferLivePlayback=0.1&bufferFullPlayback=0.1 Buffering
      &showCamSettings=1&advancedCamSettings=1&camMaxBandwidth=81920 Allow user to change streaming settings.
      &disableBandwidthDetection=0&disableUploadDetection=0&limitByBandwidth=1 Bandwidth detection.
      &configureSource=0 Allow using an external encoder for streaming to server.
      &disableVideo=0&disableSound=0 Disable video or audio broadcast.
      &soundNotifications=1 Notifications when users enter/leave room.
    • Configure a friends list &friendsList= (only friends will show in user list; leave empty to show everybody)
    • Enabled panels and features:
      &usersEnabled=1&chatEnabled=0 Enable users list and public chat.
      &videoEnabled=0 Enable public video.
      &webcamSupported=1&webcamEnabled=1 Support/show webcam panel.
      &toolbarEnabled=1 Enable toolbar with all panels and video chat sessions.
    • Enable advanced integration logic (ie. for live support):
      &removeChatOnPrivate=0&removeUsersOnPrivate=0&removeVideoOnPrivate=0 Removes public chat, users list, public video when a private video chat is opened.
      &webcamOnPrivate=1 Enables webcam only on private if webcamSupported and not webcamEnabled. Removes it after private session.
      &directPrivate=0 Private video chat opens instantly by clicking an user from list (without request and confirmation).
      &assignedPrivate=0 User stars as "waiting" and gets "assigned" as soon as somebody (ie. an operator) opens a private video chat with him.
      &videoDefault=performer&videoOffline=logo.png&videoBusy=logo.png Public video.
      &requestShow=0 User can request private show with public video owner.
      &hideOnPrivate=0 User hides when starts private.
      &canHide=0&canDenyAll=0 Can hide from list and deny all requests.
    • Text chat filtering and public chat flood control:
    • Layout can be customised:
      //layout obtained by sending in public chat box "/videowhisper layout"
  • Sessions are reported and can be controlled from m_status.php (see comments in file for details)
  • Private sessions are reported and can be controlled from m_pstatus.php (see comments in file for details) - can be used to setup private ppv video chat
  • Edit logout page m_logout.php
  • Edit emoticons list and mappings in emoticons/emoticons.xml
  • Edit translations for most important texts in translation.php . Just send message "/videowhisper translation" using text chat and full list of translations will be provided in a new panel.
    Only texts that were used during current session will be listed - if you encounter new messages get translations list again for updates.
  • Snapshots are saved as JPG using vw_snapshots.php
  • Chat logs for public and private chat are saved using vc_chatlog.php .
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