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PHP Video Conference

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PHP Video Conference Script
  • Webcam Video Conferencing Rooms
  • Create Private Rooms
  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to Install
  • Full PHP Source Code
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Profile Picture and Avatar from Webcam Snapshot
  • Cleanup Old Logs, Snapshots, Shared Files

This video conference edition is the easiest to install and integrate. We keep this simple without mysql or extra administration features so you can easily add this to your custom website software.

Video Conferencing SoftwareThis should be the start point for integrating the video conference to php sites (or even sites in other scripting languages like asp/jsp because we try to keep scripts simple and easy to integrate and migrate).

Find on this page: demo, installation instructions, customization and integration specifications.


Enter Video Conference Demo

Just fill your user name and enter the video conferencing interface.

Installation Instructions

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for instructions about installing the rtmp application on your rtmp server and getting a rtmp address.
  2. Download latest PHP Stand Alone zip version and copy contents of vc_php to your web installation location (i.e. http://www.your-site.com/conference/ ).
  3. Fill your RTMP path into settings.php .
  4. If you don't have suPHP enabled, set write permissions (0777) for "uploads" folder.

Optional Customizations and Integration

  • Edit rooms list from vw_rooms.php . Free versions (without a full license) will only show first rooms in list.
  • Edit graphics, icons and sounds from templates/default . In example window.png holds interface panel skin.
  • Change emoticons from emoticons folder. Update emoticons/emoticons.xml to reflect new emoticons list.
  • Edit/add translations in translation.php . If you need a certain text translated and don't find a way to do it contact our staff for assistance.
  • Edit logout page, add redirection if necessary in vc_logout.php
  • To integrate this with other scripts read an integration overview for videowhisper applications.
  • Most settings for a user's video conference session are configured from vc_login.php (also see quick integration file int.login.php):
    • server=<?=$rtmp_server?> - rtmp application address
    • &room=Lobby&welcome=Welcome! - landing room
    • p2p settings: &serverRTMFP=<?=$rtmfp_server?>&p2pGroup=VideoWhisper
      enable Default setting.
      support Allows broadcaster to use that streaming mode.
      always Always enabled (ie. alwaysRTMP to make sure all streams go to server for archiving/external publishing) .
    • H264 codec settings: &videoCodec=H264&codecProfile=main&codecLevel=3.1
      videoCodec: H264 / other value uses default codec
      codecProfile: baseline/main for H264
      codecLevel: 1, 1b, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 5.1 for H264
    • sound codec settings: &soundCodec=Speex&soundQuality=9&micRate
      soundCodec: Speex/Nellymoser
      micRate: 11/22/44 for Nellymoser
      soundQuality: 0-10 for Speex
    • &username=<?=$username?>&userType=<?=$userType?> - user type is icon: 1=male, 2=female, 3=admin, other value=people
    • &administrator=<?=$admin?> - user can kick other users
    • &userPicture=<?=$userPicture?>&userLink=<?=$userLink?> - user snapshot (128 pixels width) and profile link
    • &avatarPicture=<?=$avatarPicture?>&avatarList=1 - small avatar picture (32 pixels width) and enable in list
    • &infoMenu=1&profileDetails=<?=urlencode($profileDetails)?> - enable profile info menu and details to show
    • &generateSnapshots=1 - save snapshots to server (using vw_snapshots.php)
    • &pushToTalk=1 - Enables push to talk, so users broadcast sound only when pressing a button. This prevents echo in crowded rooms.
    • &webserver=&msg= - resource urls and message to show if login failed
    • &tutorial=1 - toggle tutorial screen
    • &room_delete=0&room_create=0&file_upload=1&file_delete=1 - permissions, room management must be implemented to work (vc_roomc.php, vc_roomd.php)
    • &loggedin=1 - user is logged in and application loads
    • &showTimer=1&showCredit=1&disconnectOnTimeout=0 - manage timers
    • &camWidth=320&camHeight=240&camFPS=15&micRate=11&camBandwidth=40960 - default streaming settings
    • &showCamSettings=1&advancedCamSettings=1&camMaxBandwidth=81920 - runtime streaming settings
    • &configureSource=0 - allow external encoder
    • &disableVideo=0&disableSound=0 - toggle access to publishing webcam and microphone
    • &disableBandwidthDetection=0&disableUploadDetection=0&limitByBandwidth=1 - bandwidth detection features
    • &bufferLive=0.5&bufferFull=0.5&bufferLivePlayback=0.2&bufferFullPlayback=0.5 Buffering (in seconds) for publisihing and playback (lower for better latency and increase for better fluency)
    • &background_url= URL to a background file (jpg/gif/swf)
    • &autoViewCams=1 Automatically show videos for users in the room in available panels.
    • &layoutCode= Code generated by writing "/videowhisper layout" in chat (contains panel positions, sizes, move and resize toggles)
    • &fillWindow=0 Increase panel sizes to fit window if more space is available at startup
    • &panelFiles=1&panelRooms=1&panelUsers=1 Enable/Disable panels for file sharing, room change, user list
    • Configure main video panels:
      &defaultVideo1=&defaultVideo2=&defaultVideo3= - Leave undefined for regular use. Specify an username to display that username or _disabled to hide. Ex:
    • Configure extra video panels:
      • &publicVideosN=4 -Default number of extra video panels to show on start
      • &publicVideosW=225&publicVideosH=217&publicVideosX=2&publicVideosY=560 - Default panel sizes and starting position
      • &publicVideosColumns=4&publicVideosRows=0 - How will panels be stacked (limit by columns or rows - one must be 0)
    • &filterRegex=<?=$filterRegex?>&filterReplace=<?=$filterReplace?> Filter bad words (regular expression and replacement)
    • &writeText=1&floodProtection=3 Control user writing permission and message delay in seconds
    • &regularWatch=1&newWatch=1&privateTextchat Allow users to assing video slots, open new videos, use private chat (also includes blocking and buzz)
    • &statusInterval=10000 Define how often status script vc_status.php is called
    • &verboseLevel=2 - verbose level for messages shown in text chat (0-4)
    • &ws_ads=<?=urlencode("ads.php")?>&adsTimeout=15000&adsInterval=240000 Display ads right inside text chat
      Setup adsInterval in milliseconds (0 to disable ad calls), adsTimeout to setup time in milliseconds until first ad is shown. Also see AD in Chat compatible ad management server.
  • Manage advertisements html messages to show from ads.php file (if not configured otherwise)
  • Implement any pay per view / pay per minute functions using vc_status.php that communicates often with the flash (usually each 5 seconds):
    • total time user is allowed to be online (credits) is $maximumSessionTime
    • time used by user since last access is $lastTime-$currentTime
    • all time is in milliseconds
    • populate $disconnect with a message for user, to force disconnection
  • Control where and how html chat logs are saved from vc_chatlog.php
  • Save webcam jpg snapshots using vw_snapshots.php . Sample script for this edition also generates 128x96 profile picture and 32x24 user list avata from snapshot.
  • Enable room creation and deletion inside chat from vc_login.php. You will have to implement your own vc_roomd.php and vc_roomc.php scripts.
  • Implement rtmp side authentication check if advanced security is needed.

All variables passed to flash must be urlencoded &var=<?php echo urlencode("Your value to pass."); ?> . Also xml formatting must be respected. Failing to do this will cause input errors in flash. In this situation restore original files and retry.

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