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Joomla Chatroulette Clone component for joomla allows easy setup of the P2P Random Video Chat Roulette script on joomla sites.

You can test it on the Video Chat Software joomla community website. Look for Video Chat Roulette.

This is not an identical chatroulette copy: Being based on 2 Way Video Chat - a professional 1 on 1 p2p/rtmp webcam chat solution, there are some important functional improvements compared to standard ChatRoulette clones and alternatives.

There is also a turnkey chatroulette script that works without joomla.

Installation Instructions for Joomla P2P Video Chatroulette Component

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.

1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
2. Install the component from Extensions > Install/Uninstall in joomla administrator interface.
3. Froom joomla administrator interface fill rtmp path in component parameters from Components > Chatroulette.This usually has this form: rtmp:// .We send you this if you host with us.
4. Get a RTMFP path (i.e. by registering for a free developer key from Adobe Stratus ) and also fill that into parameters for enabling P2P connections.
5. Enable the module from Extensions > Modules (joomla administrator interface) if you want to list public 2 way video chat rooms on your site. Also this will list owned rooms for each user.

Joomla Video Chatroulette Component Snapshots

Joomla Chatroulette Clone

Video Chatroulette Component License

This joomla integration component is provided with full php source code under GPL. This basicly means you can use, tweak, distribute the component php files as you wish. Contact us if you have interesting tweaks for this or derived components and want to share these with the world.

P2P Video Chatroulette Component Customizations
  • Edit all graphics (including logo, panel skins, buttons) in components/com_videowhisper_roulette/videochat/templates/2wvc .
  • Edit chat page in components/com_videowhisper_roulette/index..php .
  • There are also some scripts for chat logs and snapshots in components/com_videowhisper_roulette/videochat/ - see the php edition page for more details.
Compare: Why is this component better than regular chatroulette clone scripts?
  • When direct P2P connection is not possible due to user network/firewall settings the streaming is done trough a flash media server. The site is available to users that can't connect on standard chat roulette sites because of their firewalls or internet providers.
  • Big webcam panels on top of layout, because picture is what's important on a webcam chat site.
  • Many chat roulette clones don't currently work fine and will never work on active production sites because of amateur developers. VideoWhisper is dedicated to developing and improving video communication projects, as it can be seen on this website. This means real support and further development from experts in this type of software.
  • All chat roulette clones are based on Adobe Stratus, a free developer service which does not support big commercial projects - meaning most sites will not be able to generate direct revenue. Because the chat application implemented here also works with multiple popular RTMP servers, your site will function even if it turns into a big money generating commercial business and no RTMFP server will be available at that moment.
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