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Joomla 2 Way Video Chat Component

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2 Way Video Chat integration component and module for Joomla allows easy setup of the P2P Video Chat script on Joomla sites.

Joomla 2 Way Video Chat Component
  • Joomla Component and Module (configurable)
  • Users can create and manage rooms
  • Admins can also manage room setup templates
  • Configure access, permissions and settings per room
  • Rooms list and management links with module
  • Supports JomSocial groups (for permissions)
  • Supports Joomla Updater

This provides easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or home. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one. Joomla administrators can create rooms as needed and grant priviledges to users and user roles.

You can test it on these live demo sites:
Test as visitor with normal quality.
Register an account to create your own rooms and test it with high quality settings.

The component and module for Joomla allows easy setup of the VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat software and creation of video chat rooms. The integration component is developed using MVC (model view controller) and provided with full php source under GPL.

There different extension downloads for Joomla 3.x and 2.5.x or older. VideoWhisper also provides older extensions for older Joomla 1.5.x but does NOT recommend, support or plan to provide updates for that version. VideoWhisper recommends using latest Joomla 3.x : Latest application versions, most features and future updates are planned only for Joomla 3.x .

Joomla is an award-winning member and content management system (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications. Joomla is free and open source, easy to install and supports many ready made add ons to extend its functionality (e-commerce, e-learning, inventory, reporting, bridges to other applications).

Also supports JomSocial groups if component is available.

Joomla integration features:

  • Backend Features: Setup parameters, create and manage all rooms (including permissions) and room templates.
  • Front End Features: List latest public rooms & user's rooms, create room (from template), manage settings for own rooms.

Installation Instructions for Joomla P2P Video Chat Component

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
  2. Install the component and module zips from Extensions > Install/Uninstall in joomla administrator interface.
  3. Froom joomla administrator interface fill rtmp path in component parameters from Components > VideoWhisper.com 2 Way Video Chat. This usually has this form: rtmp://your-rtmp-host.com/videowhisper . We send you this if you host with us.
  4. Get a RTMFP path (i.e. by registering for a free developer key from Adobe Cirrus ) and also fill that into parameters for enabling P2P connections. You can also use shared one or none if you don't need P2P support.
  5. Enable the module from Extensions > Modules (joomla administrator interface) if you want to list public 2 way video chat rooms on your site. Also this will list owned rooms for each user.

    Module also shows interface to allow frontend users to create and manage rooms.
    In Joomla 1.6+ or later you should configure these to show module on standard templates:
    Details: Status: Published, Position: position-7 (usually left column), Menu Assignment: Module Assignment : On all Pages, then [Save&Close].


  • You can install and use multiple VideoWhisper communication components on same website.
  • Set Error Reporting = Simple from Global Configuration > Server as notices and warnings can break parameters.
  • Disable/configure any SEO/ad injection components to not alter these components and modules. Changing links or adding extra content to component output will usually cause flash application parameter errors.
  • Joomla menus for application are not available because room links are dynamic (based on room name). Room links must be used and displayed with the module or exact static links listed for each room in the component.
  • When in Maitenance Mode (Site Offline), applications will NOT be able to connect to web server.

Joomla Video Chat Component Snapshots

Joomla 2 Way Video Chat Room List
Joomla 2 Way Video Chat Room Edit

2 Way Video Chat Component License

This joomla integration component is provided with full php source code under GPL. This basicly means you can use, tweak, distribute the component php files as you wish. Contact us if you have interesting tweaks for this or derived components and want to share these with the world.

P2P Video Chat Component Customizations
  • Edit all graphics (including logo, panel skins, buttons) in components/com_videowhisper_2wvc/templates/2wvc .
  • Edit chat page in components/com_videowhisper_2wvc/views/vw2wvc/tmpl/default.php .
  • Edit logout page in components/com_videowhisper_2wvc/views/logout/tmpl/default.php .
  • Edit logic in components/com_videowhisper_2wvc/models/flash.php .
  • There are also some scripts for chat logs and snapshots - see the php edition page for more details.
Joomla Video Chat Component & Module Features

VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat component for Joomla provides an advanced interface for creating and managing 2 way video chat rooms.

VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat module for Joomla will list public rooms and rooms owned by current logged in user.

Rooms can be created, edited, deleted with multiple options, including resolution and framerate, bandwidh, usage limitations like credits that can be assigned for custom durations (daily, monthly).
This could be used for setting up paid services (offer 2 way video chat rooms to salesmen, sales companies, call centers).

Here is a list of settings that can be configured for each room:

Room Details

  • Room:
  • Welcome Message:
  • Public (Listed)

Streaming Settings

  • Resolution:
  • Frames Per Second (FPS):
  • Bandwidth:
  • Maximum Bandwidth:
  • RTMP Application Address Leave blank to use default (if defined in parameters). Must be a RTMP address pointing to the VideoWhisper RTMP application installed on a RTMP server.

Usage Limitations

  • Suspended
  • Expiration (days): Life of room in days (since creation date). Leave 0 for no expiration.
  • Cleanup (hours): Room cleanup (deletion) if not used for that amout of hours. Leave 0 for no cleanup.
  • Credits (minutes): Usage will add up for each user (meaning 2 users for 5 minutes of video chat will require 10 streaming minutes). Leave 0 for unlimited usage.
  • Credits Reset (days): Specify when used credits are reset. Set 1 for daily, 7 for weekly, 30 monthly, 365 yearly. Leave 0 to count lifetime usage.

User Permissions

  • Owner Room owner username.
  • Allow Visitors Allow guests (not registered and logged in users) to enter.
  • View Credit Info View credit usage statistics realtime.

    Set user groups as comma separted joomla user roles, usernames, or use these wider groups:
    Admins: Super Administrator, Administrator, Manager. Also includes owner.
    Members: Super Administrator, Administrator, Manager, Publisher, Editor, Author, Registered.
    All: Super Administrator, Administrator, Manager, Publisher, Editor, Author, Registered, Guest.
    None: feature disabled for all categories.
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