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FFMPEG Installation

FFMPEG Professional Installation

FFMPEG InstallationFFMPEG installation is included on our managed hosting plans and dedicated servers.
Our server install team can also setup latest FFMPEG on 3rd party virtual private server or dedicated server. Administrator access is required (root).

This includes codecs required for converting between Flash, HTML5, WebRTC formats: x264, theora, mp3lame, ogg, faac / fdk_aac, speex, nellymoser, opus.

This can be used for sharing video for web and multiple HTML5 enabled devices (iOS, Android) with solutions like Video Share VOD and transcoding of live streaming between encodings for RTMP, HLS, WebRTC with solutions like Broadcast Live Video, Paid Videochat.

Optional: If you have Wowza Streaming Engine installed and running, our staff can enable HLS, MPEG DASH delivery (to allow broadcasting live from site webcam to Safari including iOS devices or Chrome including Android devices) with Live Streaming.

Installation service will be done by trusted server administrators that also handle our servers.

Our server administrators can also provide subscription based RTMP Server Administration that includes this service. FFMPEG setup is also included on our turnkey complete hosting plans.


Order FFMPEG Installation for 100 US$

After ordering, provide the required server details (root SSH access for installing the new software on server).

Required Details

Send in a ticket: the IP / hostname and root account password for SSH access on linux servers or remote desktop administrator details for windows servers.
Also send WHM/webmin or other SSH settings controlling admin panel you have (if any) if additional changes are required to access ssh (like registering an ip, allowing access to all).
SSH access as root user is required to add new software to the server. Some servers do not allow direct SSH root access and instructions/commands for accessing root account need to be included.
Change the password when everything is done and tested.

Install can usually be provided on these OS:

  • Linux: Centos 5+ (recommended 7+), Debian 5+, Fedora 11+, Ubuntu 9+ - via SSH root access
  • Windows: 2000, XP, Vista, 7 - via remote desktop access

Recommended Server

Most important specification for streaming video is connectivity. Make sure your server has a big connection (1000Mbps preferred) and is physically installed in a reputable datacenter well connected to your target client networks.

VPS servers can be used for development phase or low traffic sites. For hight traffic you should opt for a full dedicated server or shared plan optimised for video streaming.

Optional: Document Conversion Tools installation

Our staff can also install document conversion tools (required to convert PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS to images for web based display) for another fee.

  • Apache_OpenOffice
  • unoconv
  • ImageMagick


Order Document Conversion Tools Installation for $100USD

Optional: Streaming Server installation (Wowza SE)

Our staff can also install Wowza Streaming Engine for an additional fee, if you have a license key. Streaming servers are used for streaming live video. Wowza SE is required for PaidVideochat / BroadcastLiveVideo solutions.

Streaming Server Installation

Wowza SE requires a license key to run. VideoWhisper streaming servers already have all necessary software licensed, installed and configured.
* Older Red5 RTMP servers are no longer suitable since support for Flash RTMP applicaitons is no longer available in recent browsers. The HTML5 WebRTC / HLS live streaming services provided by Wowza SE are used by latest HTL5 applications.

Managed Hosting

If you prefer avoiding the hassle of setting up, managing and securing a vps or dedicated server or you lack the time and/or experience for this, we can also provide hosting plans with:

  • HTML5 WebRTC/HLS + RTMP + RTSP live streaming server service hosting
  • CPanel web hosting
  • FFmpeg with HTML5 conversion codecs
  • Document conversion tools (required to convert PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS to images for web based display)
Complete Hosting with HTML5 Live Streaming Server Services


Our team does not assume any responsibility for the changes done on the server and success of tasks. We also do not offer any guarantee that the installation will be successful due to the big number of linux flavors, pre-installed software, configuration options. If installation can't be provided we'll provide a refund as listed in the Moneyback Guarantee.

Moneyback Guarantee

If our server install team can't provide the service in 1 week after receiving good access details, you can request a refund for the installation fee.

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