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Dolphin Webcam Modules

VideoWhisper > Boonex Dolphin Integration for Video Recorder / Conference / Streaming Plugins
  • Video Conference Rooms
  • Live Streaming Channels
  • Record Webcam Videos
  • Web Based Installation from Dolphin Backend
  • Configure Settings from Dolphin Backend

This edition provides ready to install Boonex Dolphin integration plugins for multiple VideoWhisper applications: Video Conference, Video Recorder and Live Streaming.

Edition is available in free mode for evaluation, testing and limited use.

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Live Broadcast
Edition Details

These plugins extend the online communities powered by Dolphin with features that really make the difference and just leave other competitors way behind.

  • Video Recorder allows users to record and share genuine on demand videos with their webcams, producing unique original video content.

  • Live Streaming allows users to broadcast live shows from their webcam and add interactive live video content to the website.

  • Video Conference turns passive viewers to active participants in live video conference rooms letting them exchange personal opinions, know other members, bond, become website fans and probably revenue generating customers.

Boonex Dolphin 7 is an open-source, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities.

Dolphin is developed by Boonex. Boonex Dolphin labels and related logos, graphics are trademarks of BoonEx Pty Ltd .

Demo for Community with Live Streaming, Video Recorder and Video Conference

To see a live demo for this integration, register an account on VideoFellow.com and create video conference rooms, live streaming channels or record webcam videos.

  • Use Live Streaming menu to setup live broadcasting channels, broadcast video instantly and give channel page link to your friends to watch.

  • Use Video Conference from menu to access or create video conference rooms.

  • Use Video Recorder from menu to record Webcam videos.
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Installation Instructions for Webcam Recorder and Video Conference with Adult Video Script

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements. This requires a rtmp server (Red5 / Wowza / FMIS) in addition to Boonex Dolphin requirements.
Boonex Dolphin needs to be installed and fully functional before installing this.

For video recorder to work with current integration, the rtmp server must record the video files to a location accessible by the php scripts.

  1. Download zip files for plugins you want to install.
  2. Go to Dolphin backend. Upload zip plugin files from Dolphin backend, left menu Modules > Add & Manage or in older versions from Tools > Modules :
    Select files from Package to upload, fill FTP access details for your site and click Upload button.
    Alternative: If you can't upload module zips from web, you can use a ftp client to upload unzipped module folders in modules/boonex , in example modules/boonex/videocon .
  3. Select plugins from Not Installed Modules (same Tools > Modules menu ) and click Install button.
    There are 3 modules you can install: Live Streaming, Video Conference, Video Recorder.
  4. Go to Modules from left menu and configure each of the modules you want to use.
    You need to fill a working rtmp address for each one and also the path to Video Recording Folder for Video Recorder, for these to work.
    If you are hosted with us we provide these details as our plans include managed rtmp. If you manage your own rtmp server go to RTMP Application Setup for instructions about installing the rtmp application on your rtmp server and getting a rtmp address.
  5. Clear cache (from Tools > Cache or Dashboard > Quick Overview > Clear Cache : All in older). This is required to show new menus to Add/Manage/View new items (rooms, recordings).
After completing steps above your users should be able to create conference, live streaming rooms and record video.

Troubleshooting and Known Issues

    • If you get a version error when installing , edit 'compatible_with' section in install/config.php for module and add your Dolphin version like '7.3.x' .
    • If you get Permission denied error for /templates/base/navigation_menu_sub_header.html enable public permissions for that so plugins can add menus.
    • Web based installation removes mp3 files from templates folder. Altough applications should work without sounds, sometimes missing interface items can cause chained errors. You can add these files (message.mp3, buzz.mp3) manually by FTP.
    • Some integration interface elements don't display right (menus, labels, room page elements) or at all depending on template and version. You can add direct links to your menus in a similar way these are used our demos (change our demo domain with yours).
      In example Video Conference module should be available at /m/videocon/ on your site, adding rooms is possible with /m/videocon/addroom , edit rooms with /m/videocon/editroom .

Customizing Skins, Settings, Layout, Translations, Conference Rooms

  • These integrations are based on slightly modified PHP Video Recorder, PHP Live Streaming, PHP Video Conference editions so you can also check that for customizing settings, integration and implementation of other features. Also you can use these editions for updates when these are newer than integration.
  • Modules are located in modules/boonex/ folder.
  • Applications folder (ex. livestream) are located in classes/ folder from module folder (ex. modules/boonex/livestream) and contain all scripts and folders mentioned in php edition documentation (including templates folder).
  • Page templates are located for each module in /templates/base/ (ex: modules/boonex/livestream/templates/base/room_dashboard.html )
  • Page/integration functionality is in module file (classes/LivestreamModule.php ) in functions with specific names (ex. actionRoomDashboard )
Boonex Dolphin

Dolphin 7 - open-source, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities. Dolphin is the only "all-in-one" bundle of PHP community scripts, Flash plugins, Adobe AIR and Mobile apps that provide full control, freedom and flexibility. Launch your site, customize it and watch it grow!

Boonex Dolphin labels and related logos, graphics are trademarks of BoonEx Pty Ltd .

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