About Us

About Us

VideoWhisper started with a simple idea: developing video communications software using latest technology and providing it to webmasters with small-medium websites.
Our business was built and optimised for this domain, target customers and their budget.


We have great experience in community and chat software as we develop this type of online applications since 2002.
VideoWhisper.com is online since 2008 and last time we checked there were over 80 000 accounts of users that registered on our site to download the applications.
Hundreds and sometimes thousands of interested people visit our site daily.
These numbers are big considering the technical nature and niche of our solutions.

We have a long term relationship with many of our clients, as we provide license rentals and high quality hosting.


We are located in European Union. Software development is mainly done in Romania (Europe) with decent costs. We also use freelancers worldwide for integrations with specific frameworks and other services.

Our hosting partners have their servers located in US.
For hosting our streaming oriented servers we use reputable data centers and providers (ex. Softlayer) that match the high requirements demanded by such software.
There are 3 levels of hosting support that usually trigger automatically on incidents: data center and physical server technicians, server OS level software and network administration, our software technicians that setup and manage special software and requirements for live communication solutions.

Our payment processing partners are reputable companies. You can order our products from BlueSnap, Inc. / California / US (former Plimus Corporation, Inc / US), Avangate / The Netherlands / EU, Digital River GmbH (share-it!) from Germany / EU.
These distributors export the software worldwide and provide invoices, secure payments, billing support.We provide multiple alternatives so you can pick the best taxation terms, currency and exchange rate depending on your location.

Services and Contact

Our services refer to providing and setting up software and hosting. Once this is done and works as advertised in the demos and site pages there is not much to do by our staff.

Considering these, we try to keep our prices affordable by not introducing costs related to 24/7 support, hot lines, site management staff. If you have extra budget for this you can always hire a webmaster, developer, rent your own server and hire a server administrator or management services.

All our products can be tested online and downloaded for limited use.

For big enterprises and startups, or when business model requires it, our solutions can be purchased with full rights, source code, libraries to be implemented 100% indepdendent of us.

Further development and customizations depend on your business, considering the boundaries of software and service we provide. These boundaries can be prospected prior to purchase with the online demos, trial downloads, documentation written on the website for each edition. Services can also be ordered for limited time (1 month) for full mode usage.

As this is an online business that serves customers worldwide in all timezones, we prefer written communication based on emails and tickets. You can email us directly but we recommend using tickets to avoid spam filters and allow better organization for your messages.
Another reason for our policy is to discuss in written is the technical nature of the products and services that usually require sending links to demos, descriptions, specs, order pages.
Additionally, as this online business does not run in physical offices, all communication needs to be accessible at any time by management, developers, hosting technicians, as required.

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